Have you recently had a spiritual experience that wowed you and left you wanting more?

Has the taste of it gotten you addicted to how incredibly awesome it is to feel this connection to the Divine?  To feel it in a way you’ve never felt it before?

Or have you been on the spiritual journey for a while now and continue to hunt for more bliss?

I know how glorious it is when you begin to see things more clearly.  When you truly begin to understand that what history, society, religion and probably your family has told you about the Divine, simply is not what you have just experienced it to be.

You become a sponge.  You want to know more and keep experiencing it over and over again.

Experiencing the Divine is liberating.

It opens your heart to a Truth that in most cases is opposite to what you have been told; of what we as a society have been led to believe.

When this happens to you, you begin a journey of transformation.  You eventually realize that what you are unfolding and birthing is the real you that:


Has so much wisdom and strength from not only this life, but from many other lifetimes


Is connected to your higher self and a spiritual team of mystical guides you can rely on as your
spiritual network


Is here on a mission with a very specific purpose to fulfill

And you embark on this new journey with so much anticipation!

Thankfully, after years of exploration, I can joyfully declare that my mission includes the following:

  • Helping people remember the Divine Feminine. Yes, there most definitely is a feminine aspect of God, just as there is a masculine one. I refer to Her as Goddess. For thousands of years society has withheld Her from us. It is time for Her to return to our hearts and consciousness. We will feel Her love and restore the balance between the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. Can you imagine how healing it will be to do this? Not just for you but for all life on this planet?
  • Using a healing energy that is unique to me and channeling vocal sound from my higher self, I clear toxic emotional debris that inhibits you. This energy is very powerful. It can illuminate and align you with your own divinity, your inner knowing and your higher self. You begin to recognize your power and progressively live your life in a way that honours and propels you towards fulfilling your mission.
  • Providing guidance from Spirit. I am connected to and receive messages from many types of Spirit Beings who are readily available to support you along your spiritual journey.

I welcome you here.  If you feel connected to me, to my work or to knowing Goddess specifically, please stay connected.  Read my blog posts, sign up for my email list, follow me on social media or attend an event, etc.  Tell others as well.  At the moment I understood my mission to help people remember the Divine Feminine, Goddess told me,

“Tell others … Show others … Be!”

So if you feel inclined to do the same, please do!


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