There is no human on this planet who is not searching for it. Whether they realize it or not, everyone is yearning to feel the immense love, acceptance and breathtaking Light of our Creator/God/Goddess or as I now call Her, Sophia (more and more people are acknowledging Sophia as the name of the Divine). Why is this? It is because our souls intimately know the Glory that is Sophia and when we are born into a life on this planet it is difficult to remember this. The dense energy of the third dimension on Earth creates a “veil” that prevents us from immediately seeing Her as we do when we are in the ethers. But even more so, we are taught by many religions and society that the Divine is completely outside of us, unreachable and that we need someone or something to intervene on our behalf in order to access Her. This could not be further from the truth.

Even though I am very aware Sophia is fully within me and within all of us, it is still difficult to permanently remember this and feel that intense connection at all times. As a result, my day to day life is consumed with being on a search for Her and I absolutely love it! It is my passion and I would like to take this opportunity to share with you the reasons why I search and my raison d’être for doing what I do.

A Knowingness – In my heart, in my mind, in my entire being, I have always known and felt rooted in my belief in the existence of God and I have received so much comfort from this.  Over the years, my personal opinion and understanding of God has changed, but the knowingness has always been there. It truly is a lifeline to my happiness and sanity.

The Wonder/The Awe – Her magnificence leaves me awestruck. It is impossible for us to know all that She has created but when I think of the things that are tangible to me on this planet, I am dumbfounded. How did She create all of this? How extraordinarily magnificent must She be to have created all She has created and to have done so with such Divine Order? Her mystery captivates me to the core of my being and causes me to love Her more and more and more.

The Beauty – Whether it’s the beauty of Her creation or the beauty of the love I feel from or for another being, to me there is no denying that this Beauty is a key sign of the Divine. This in no way means that if something is “ugly” or “unattractive” in one’s eyes that it does not possess this Beauty. Beauty goes much deeper than physical appearance. It is an illumination of pure spirit; a direct revelation of Sophia.

The Ecstasy – I have experienced several brief moments in which I was gifted with seeing a speckle of the Light of God. Simply put, it is breathtaking, heart stopping ecstasy. To experience that again (and again) is a major reason I am in constant search. There is literally nothing like it. Of course, there are also the more common moments of ecstatic joy that resemble that feeling; laughing hysterically, getting into the passionate, blissful zone while dancing, witnessing a brilliant sunset or being touched by the innocence of a child or animal. The list is absolutely endless.

Tremendous love for Her – The deeper I delve into my spiritual journey, the more I yearn to be fully consumed by Sophia and to be held forever in Her tender embrace. The spiritual side of me knows this is already true but the human side hopes for more physical “action”.

I love Her creation; Mother Earth, the waters, the air, the fire, the precious animals, the trees, all plant life, even the humans too! Undoubtedly there are the universes upon universes that in my current form I know nothing about but I know that I love them too. Because they are all Sophia and I love Her tremendously.

It is because of this love for Her, and to be quite honest, the love for myself, that I have such a strong desire to fulfill my life’s mission in Her honour.

Mystical Experiences – I can list several incredible life-changing, mystical experiences that I know have been orchestrated by my Higher Self and Sophia to accelerate my spiritual journey. They have enabled me to remember more of who I am as a soul and what my mission is in this lifetime. The richness and beauty of these experiences put me in direct contact with the Divine. They give me the opportunity to know that I am so loved and that there is an important plan for me. Bits and pieces of this plan are revealed in perfect displays of synchronistic occurrences. I plan to eventually write about them but I know there is still so much to come and I am waiting for more of the juicy story to tell!

Synchronicities – Synchronicities are so-called coincidental occurrences that in actuality are not coincidences at all, but are direct signs of communication from Spirit. These can include angels, guides, your Higher Self, Sophia and other high vibrational beings. They enable you to know without a doubt that what is being communicated is very real.

Synchronicities occur within the mystical experiences I wrote about above and even more so in day to day life. They are the blessed “cookie crumbs” that give you so much joy during the search.  An example of one of mine took place just a few weeks ago. I have been a student in The Sophia Code Curriculum, which is a modern-day mystery school with teachings from Ascended Masters and of course Sophia. One of the Ascended Masters is White Buffalo Woman and on this night I had my first mystical experience with her in which she talked to me and gave me more insight about my purpose and our relationship. I don’t recall if it was in that moment or during my sleep that night, but I had a vision of three wolves coming to visit me. As far as I know, I had never had a vision with wolves. The next morning, I received an email from a wonderful spiritual teacher I met this past summer at the Goddess Conference in Glastonbury. In the email she promoted a shamanic priestess course she is offering next year. She said that in order to participate in the training, each student would need to choose an animal/elemental path and she listed five options. Low and behold, the second path listed was the Way of the Wolf. Let me tell you, I knew immediately that I had to sign up for this training. Had I not had the blessing of White Buffalo Woman’s conversation with me (she didn’t mention anything about this course) along with the vision of the wolves, I probably would not have signed up for it because I didn’t believe I was meant to do shamanic work. This experience was my wake up call to the fact that clearly this is a path that I must pursue, even if I don’t exactly know why just yet. White Buffalo Woman and the wolves were communicating a strong message to me without actually telling me what I needed to do.

To know Her through the love, support, wisdom and generosity of high vibrational beings such as angels, archangels and Ascended Masters – I don’t know where I would be on this spiritual journey if it were not for my intense interest in and love for these beings. They are such tremendous help and have so much to offer. My path started with angels and archangels and I am so happy to have felt their love and support at such an important time after my spiritual awakening. Actually, Archangel Michael was pivotal during the events of my awakening. And yes my friends this is another interesting story you will have to wait for me to tell!

I am sure there are other reasons I have forgotten to include in this list. I wonder if you also are in a constant search for experiencing the Divine. Is your list similar to mine? Do you have reasons I have not explored here? I’d love to hear about them if you do. Please leave a comment if you would like to share.

In love’s illumination,

Sonia Tavares


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