About Me

If someone were to offer me $1 billion on the condition that I no longer be spiritual, I would without any hesitation tell her or him to move along and try the next person.

The glorious mystical awakenings I have experienced, the spiritual and healing abilities I have been blessed with and the breathtaking joy I receive from connecting with the Divine are all priceless to me. Nothing can ever replace this precious Love.

After years of soul searching, I am so happy to be able to declare that my purpose in this life is to help people remember the Divine Feminine or as I like to call Her, Goddess. There are many of us around the world doing this work. Each of us has our own mission. Goddess showed me that my mission is to reach a mainstream audience; those who may otherwise never be in contact with this information.

Additionally, I am here because I have access to a powerful healing energy which clears, heals and illuminates. We all have an immense light within us. This energy ignites that light to expand it even more; kick-starting your healing process and propelling you on your spiritual path. I also engage the energy by channeling healing melodies which I sing.

It is a blessing to do this work in service to Goddess and all life on this beautiful planet.

Some interesting facts about me:

I am a singer who started taking Classical singing lessons at age 15. I then spent many years performing fado music (passionate music from Lisbon, Portugal). I have since retired this part of my singing career and I now channel beautiful, healing songs.

In grade 11, I was cast as Goddess (alongside God and Buddha) in my high school musical. I was years away from realizing how very poetic this moment would end up being!

I have previously worked on political campaigns going door to door, trying to get people to vote for my candidate and party. I am still very interested in politics but I now prefer “knocking on hearts” advocating for Goddess (okay, I like a little cheese every now and then).


In grades 4, 5, 6 and 8 I represented my class at the school level of our yearly Speech Competition. I never did end up representing my school at the regional level but I am proud of my accomplishments and can see how they helped prepare me for present-day speaking engagements.

For those of you who need to know my earthly credentials:


Reiki Master and Advanced Sekhem (with Stephanie Cookson)


Angel Therapy Practitioner® (with Doreen Virtue)


Current initiate in The Sophia Code™ Curriculum (with Kaia Ra)

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